Community comes out in force to help Appello’s call handlers beat the snow

Community comes out in force to help Appello’s call handlers beat the snow to support 200,000 vulnerable people

Appello would like to extend its thanks to all the members of the local community in the New Forest area, for aiding our call handlers on their journeys to work today. Residents with 4x4 vehicles offered their help by driving call handlers to our monitoring centre in New Milton, the largest in the UK.

During these adverse weather conditions, we’ve seen a lot of press around the emergency services, and the help they’ve received from members of the public as they continue their critical work. It’s times like these that we see the best of human nature, as communities pull together to ensure the smooth running of our ambulance, fire or police services against all the odds.

The services we provide at Appello are essential to the 200,000 vulnerable people we support on a daily basis across the UK. If our monitoring centre was to close, they would be left without a lifeline in an emergency situation. Having a full team within the monitoring centre is particularly important today as call volumes have risen dramatically because of the difficult weather conditions.

Our brilliant and dedicated operators have gone to great efforts to make it to work today, to receive these vital calls. We’ve seen those who live more locally walk, due to the difficult driving conditions, as well as members of the community with 4x4 vehicles offering to drive staff members in, recognising the importance of their work.

We are always fully prepared at the monitoring centre for these situations, with food and drink provisions, and warm beds on site, in case our staff members are forced to spend the night.

Tim Barclay CEO at Appello says “Just like the emergency services, our services are relied on by thousands of vulnerable people across the UK. It is rare that the whole country sees such adverse weather and that has resulted in a dramatic surge of calls into our emergency monitoring centre. I am immensely proud of the dedication of our staff to ensure they are in work this week, and we are grateful to all those in the local community that offered their support in transporting our employees to and from work.”