First Digital Care system deployed at Housing & Care 21

First Digital Care system deployed at Housing & Care 21

First Digital Care system deployed at Housing & Care 21

Housing & Care 21 -turning digital care agendas into digital reality

New Milton - 14 July 2016: Housing & Care 21, a leading national provider of retirement housing and care services for older people, today announced the latest development in its strategic plans to deliver digital care systems to its customers, with the introduction of a new IP-based Care system to Walton Court, a managed housing development in County Durham.

The new digital system designed, installed and maintained by Appello, a leading provider of technology enabled care services and manufactured by Green Access, has multiple benefits over and above the previous analogue system. Benefits include accelerated connection to Appello's 24/7 emergency Careline service from up to 1 minute 30 seconds to just under three seconds, enhanced quality of two-way speech and emergency calls from the housing development through to Appello simultaneously. Other benefits include room to room calling which can be video enabled to support social inclusion, infrastructure for easy integration of other services and the ability to transfer large amounts of data.

As other industries take advantage of the endless possibilities driven by the 'Internet of Things', where devices communicate with each other through IP addresses, the current default system in Telecare and monitoring invented in the 1970's has changed little since.

"Traditional analogue call systems do not provide modern two-way conversations, and they can take a long time to connect, so it makes little sense to offer this to our residents when we can now take advantage of digital and IP technologies, such as those provided by Appello". commented Tony Tench, Chief Operating Officer and Housing & Care 21. "The expectation of our residents continues to rise in line with the possibilities a digital world brings. At a practical level, we're making a stance that all new developments, and replacements at existing developments, should be digital".

With improved connectivity and increased security supported by the digital care system, residents at Walton Court are reporting more confidence and reassurance in the services provided by Housing & Care 21.

Tony continues: "The housing and care industry has been slow to commit to a move to digital care systems, and while we are now seeing this change, there is still much to be done. The entire supply chain has to get behind the movement from analogue to digital if there barriers to adoption, are to come down".

Carl Atkey, Chief Technology Officer at Appello, comments, "The move from analogue to digital or IP systems is the first step in transforming the home. Housing & Care 21 is leading the way in the vital move away from traditional analogue care systems to systems that are fit for the provision of care to the older generations of today. The benefits are clear, for both provides and residents, from vastly improved response times to telecare monitoring centres, insight into data and activity to provide intelligent care, cost savings, as well as improved trust and wellbeing amongst residents. It is because of providers such as Housing & Care 21 that these benefits are now becoming a reality".