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General Questions
What happens if I activate the service alarm at night or on a bank holiday?
What if I accidentally press the button and activate my alarm?
What happens if you cannot speak to via the base unit?
What happens if my house doors are locked and emergency services need access?
What happens if my phone line has a fault?
What happens if my mains power fails?
What do I do after a mains failure?
What happens if I change or consider changing my telephone service provider or acquire additional services, e.g. broadband or extra telephone points?
Do you record calls I make to you?
Do you keep any medical details to help emergency services?
Do you provide an installation service?
How long is the monitoring contract?
How do I cancel my Direct Debit?
Product and Service Questions
What range does my pendant have in my home?
Will my pendant work outside?
What if I accidentally press the button and activate my alarm?
As part of the personal alarm service how quickly will the phone be answered?
Will you ever start a call with me via the Alarm unit?
Can I wear the pendant in the shower or bath?
Could my Personal Alarm/Mobile Alarm affect my pacemaker?
Can the Personal Alarm be used by people with hearing impairments?
How will I know if the battery in the Personal Care Alarm/Mobile Alarm is running low?
Will any other equipment in my house interfere with the Personal Care Alarm system?
Will you give my keysafe code out?
Can I move my keysafe?
What happens if I lose the number?
Do I need to tell my insurance company?
Technical / Product Questions
I have a pendant alarm, is the wrist device shower proof or water proof?
Can I change the batteries in my wrist pendant?
Can I change my batteries in my base alarm?
I have a very old house with thick walls will the pendant work all over the house?
Will my pendant work when I leave my home?
Do I speak to the pendant and receive an answer through it?