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We partner with housing, health and care providers to enrich the lives of customers, patients and residents.

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Empowering people to lead independent and fulfilled lives through a blend of people and technology.

With all our alarms you receive 24/7 access to our experienced careline team.

Our experienced team provide the assistance you need in an emergency.

Once you choose one of our monitoring services we ask you for your personal and health details so that our careline operators can arrange exactly the right kind of help for you in a potential emergency.

Watch the video below to find out from the ‘Appello Bears’ how our monitoring service works.


Monitoring in four quick steps...

1. If you require assistance, activate your emergency alarm by simply pressing the button on your pendant, watch or other monitored device.

2. Your device automatically dials our careline team and alerts one of our highly trained operators. They will know it is you calling and have your personal details.

3. The operator will immediately respond and confirm you are ok. If required they will contact a designated keyholder or arrange for the emergency services to attend.

4. Dependent upon your circumstances, the appropriate help will arrive to provide you with the assistance you need.

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Meet Our Management Team

We’re led by a dedicated, caring and enthusiastic team with extensive experience of delivering monitoring and telecare services.
Tim Barclay Chief Executive Officer
Carl Atkey Chief Technical Officer
Craig Barlow Chief Financial Officer
Gill Atkey Monitoring Services Director
Jo Hodgson HR Manager
Mark Stratford Commercial Director

We Provide Reassurance, Care and Safety

Our digital health, care and life safety systems make a valuable contribution to the health and social wellbeing of an ageing population, below are some examples: See How We Can Help
  • Retirement and extra care provider expands digital support services
  • Appello digital technology chosen for extra care development
  • Social exclusion: What's the issue for housing providers?
"98% of our customers feel safer knowing they have access to Appello in an Emergency"

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