Personal Alarm Range Extender

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Product Code: CAR300010
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The Personal Alarm range extender increases the distance the radio signal can travel to ensure the alarm will reliably reach your personal alarm. For example, it can be used to extend the coverage of personal alarm pendant to include outdoor areas and basement floors


The Personal Alarm repeater increases the range of radio devices to ensure the alarm signal will reliably reach your personal alarm. The range extender has an automatic timer control, is easy to install and operate.

The range extender is compatible with both our Personal Alarm and Personal Alarm Plus.

Frequency: 868,35 MHz
Battery: 2 pcs 1,5v LR06 (AA) Alkaline batteries
Power consumption – Battery Operated:
Dimensions: 110.0 x 70.0 x 23.5 mm
Outputs: 2 relay outputs. Max 1A / 30 VDC
Ability to replace batteries: YES
Length of battery life: Up to 2 years