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Our essential emergency alarm provides you with the peace of mind that help can be accessed at the press of a button. The alarm is ideal for anyone who lives alone, or wants the reassurance that they can continue to live independently and reach help if needed.

The pendant can either be worn on the wrist or around the neck. If you wish to alert our careline team just press the pendant button. We willthen call you via the base unit , to see if you are ok or if help is required.

Price includes reassurance 24/7 from our careline team and the personal alarm equipment.

- Push button pendant

- 24hr specialist emergency response from our careline team

- Splash proof pendant


What you will receive when you purchase the Personal Alarm Essential:

- A base unit with two way speech for us to communicate with you in an emergency

- A splash proof pendant with a push button alarm. To be worn on the wrist or around the neck

- Neck and wrist straps/attachments

- All our alarms come with 24hr specialist emergency response from our careline team

- Informative user guide

- Friendly UK customer support helpline

- Next day delivery*

- No administration fees.

Base Unit:

Colour: Beige

Dimensions: (h) 121mm (l) 214mm (d) 36mm

Weight: 458g


Pendant range: Approximately 30m

Colour: Beige with grey strap

Weight: 21g

Technical requirements:

A telephone socket is required for connection to the Personal Alarm Plus base unit.

What range does my pendant have in my home?

Your pendant should activate your alarm between 35-50m from the alarm base unit. You should test your pendant at the furthest point from your house and in each room of your house to ensure you know the coverage. As the pendant uses radio it may not work through some walls of your building.

Will my pendant work outside?

Your pendant range outside of your property will vary depending on the size of your property and the location of your alarm equipment. Once installed we recommend that you test it thoroughly, to identify the areas in which your alarm will work.

What if I accidentally press the button and activate my alarm?

Don’t worry if you accidentally press the alarm button. Our team never worry about receiving a false alarm. The operator will just confirm that you are ok, and take the opportunity to ensure the system is working properly.

If your alarm is accidentally activated please ensure you hang on and speak to the operator. If you don’t we must treat the call as an emergency.

As part of the personal alarm service how quickly will the phone be answered?

We answer over 99% of calls within 60 seconds however, we try to answer the majority of calls in less than 30 seconds.

Will you ever start a call with me via the Alarm unit?

No. We cannot activate your alarm via our operators. The alarm can only be activated by the service user and it is only then that we can talk to you via the Personal Alarm base unit. All other phone contact we have with you as the user is via your telephone.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower or bath?

Yes you can, it is waterproof and it is important that it is available in case a fall in the bath or shower occurs. Please note that if the battery is replaced and the alarm is not correctly put back together it may no longer be waterproof.

Could my Personal Alarm/Mobile Alarm affect my pacemaker?

Your personal alarm will not affect your pacemaker.

Can the Personal Alarm be used by people with hearing impairments?

Yes it can, we would need to be aware that the user has a hearing impairment upon activation of the service.

How will I know if the battery in the Personal Care Alarm/Mobile Alarm is running low?

When the battery in your pendant is running low we will be notified. We will then contact you to inform you that it needs replacing.

Will any other equipment in my house interfere with the Personal Care Alarm system?

Your Personal Alarm base unit should be positioned as centrally as possible in your home and positioned as far away from any interfering equipment (mobile equipment, wireless headphones, and telephones) as it may have an adverse effect on the range.

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